We are the Generation of TRANSFORMATION

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Hi Guys,

It’s quite a bit of an excited frenzy as we count down to the largest ever volunteer campaign in our nation; the Mushin MakeOver!

Everything’s in high gear!

I’ve been speaking to God, staying in His presence to hear him and I’m fasting and praying; asking that His will for His people will be fulfilled through us.

Together, we have the privilege to make HISTORY by giving our time and paint and energy towards a “noble cause”.

We are the Generation of TRANSFORMATION and we will rebuild the so called “waste places” and we will restore Nigeria to its glory; becoming the world’s most desirable nation to live in by December 31st, 2025.

So, I’m asking you today, to do whatever you can to support us; BUY PAINT, BRING PAINT, DONATE YOUR TIME, get people involved; www.mushinmakeover.com, make a difference.

Already, the surface preparation work has begun by our painters, so I’m asking you to do whatever it is that you can to partner with us on this project.

We need paint, ladders, anything that you feel that you can provide to join this movement.

I’m aware as some have asked if they could contribute financially to the Mushin Makeover.

We have opened a subsidiary account with which you can do so:

Visible Impact (Area Makeover)

Zenith Bank

Account No: 601 430 3053

I’m honoured and humbled by all the text messages, email, comments on FaceBook and the outpouring of love I’ve received.

God bless you all!


It’s God’s project; entrusted to US.

I look forward to meeting you this Saturday as together, we rebuild our nation; one brush stroke at a time.




Head, Consulting Group


...delivering TRANSFORMATION - people.corporates.nations

Direct: 08088988989


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