One more week for nominations for The Future Awards!

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The Future Awards, Nigeria’s biggest youth event, which celebrates young Nigerians doing brilliant work in different fields from music to the media, technology to entrepreneurship has extended nominations by one week!

Nominations were to end on Monday the 30th of November, but have been extended to Friday the 4th of December! According to the organisers, this is especially to get more diverse nominations for the Excellence in Public Service, Best Use of Science and Professional of the Year categories, especially from outside Lagos .

To ensure this, the organisers have been on a road show of Town Hall Meetings across the country – visiting Abuja , Kaduna , Adamawa, Benue, Cross River , Rivers, Enugu , Ogun, Osun, Edo States , as well as Ghana , South Africa and the United Kingdom . The town hall meetings ended on Sunday, the 29th of November.

Again, the categories this year are

1. Actor of the Year

2. Best Use of Advocacy

3. Best Use of Science

4. Best Use of Technology

5. Business Owner of the Year

6. Comedian of the Year

7. Creative Artist of the Year

8. Excellence in Public Service

9. Journalist of the Year

10. Magazine of the Year

11. Model of the Year

12. Musician of the Year

13. Music Producer of the Year

14. On-air Personality of the Year (Radio)

15. On-air Personality of the Year (TV)

16. Professional of the Year

17. Screen Producer of the Year

18. Sportsperson of the Year

19. Team of the Year

20. Young Person of the Year

The criteria are simple: the person must be a Nigerian citizen and must be aged 18 – 31. You can also nominate yourself!

If you want to nominate, go to the website, click the ‘Nominate’ link and fill in the nominee’s information.

Please note that there will be no more extensions after this. The nominees list will be released on the 7th of December 2009, and voting begins immediately!


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