The Future Enterprise Scheme begins internships for young people!

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In 2009, The Future Project/The Future Awards kicked off a new arm called The Future Enterprise Support Scheme (TF-ESS). This was launched after three years in the works.

TF-ESS is a practical series where we will offer selected young people intensive trainings that will cover entrepreneurship and creativity every six months. Included in the period is a two-month internship programme with selected winners and associates of The Future Awards, which the organisers call “the most crucial part of the process.”

The trainings are scheduled to hold weekly for six months, and kicked off October 17 2009. Speakers are drawn from a pool of former winners of the awards, as well as other partners and experts. The programme will be yearly and will have different themes each year. It is held in partnership with the After Graduate Development Centre (AGDC).

Speakers over the past two months have included Bukola Adubi (CEO, Miccom Golf Resorts), Anwuli Ojogwu (Fate Foundation), Phillip Uwumarogie (Head, Corporate E-Solutions Devt), Mosunmola Umoru (The Future Awards Business Owner of the Year 2009), Bamidele Odufuye (The Future Awards Best Use of Technology 2009), amongst others.
The programme is separated into three sections: the first two months are for trainings and classes, then internships take place in December and January. The programme wraps up with the second half of classes in February and March. All trainings are expected to attend at least 75% of the classes, with compulsory internships before they can be graduated and given certificates in April.
The internships kicked off this December on schedule, and the students are presently interning with the programme’s partners, which include Strom 360, Soundcity Blast, Zapphaire Events, Yvent Kouture, Adstrat Communications, Visible Impact, House of Tara International, Clothsense, Blackdove Communications, Icebox Limited and Nigezie.
The Future Enterprise Support Scheme is one of The Future Awards’ many spin-offs. Other platforms are the “Do Something Conference”, which holds on February 6, a day before the next awards, the Post-Award Schools Seminars, The Future Mentorship School, The Future Interventions, The Young Writers Network, amongst others.

For further information, the Faculty Officer can be reached on 080-2222-6712 or you can mail All other infor on The Future Project/The Future Awards is on


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