The Future Newsletter January 2010

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What’s up!

The Future “Do Something” Pre-Awards Conference is here!

Plans are in top gear for the pre-awards conference, which happens a day before the awards – on the 6th of February. Where else would you get under one roof the Managing Director/Chairman of Shell Nigeria, Mutiu Sunmonu Chairman of Access Bank, Gbenga Oyebode (MFR); Member of the House of Representatives, Abike Dabiri, Ben Bruce, Poju Oyemade, Pay Utomi, Mo Abudu amongst very many others? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All for 500 naira only! Venue is Welcome Centre and Hotels, by 7&8 International Airport road, Ikeja. You can register on the website ( or at the venue by 8am.

We have prizes for you on our website!!!

We want you to visit our website, and get new updates, find out what’s hot for young people in Nigeria , read our blogs (our bloggers include TV presenter Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Abuja City Crawler Ijeoma Okeagu and the sensational Nki’ru. Njoku), take part in our hot, hot polls, and do the other fun stuff! So we have designed a competition to make it worth your while! Just go to the website, go to the ‘Fun Stuff’ link, answer the SIMPLE questions, and then you win a t-shirt or sticker every week, tickets and invitations to the hottest events around the country, and more!!

Website winners!

Last week, we asked visitors to the website to name 10 of our judges and the following people got the answer correct, Job David Ayuba, Raphael Ezike, Seun Johnson, afolabi legunsen, Oluseun Arosanyin, , Oni Oyesola and the winner is……….. Babatunde O. Sayo.

Congratulations Babatunde, please call Eyitayo on 08022226712 to get details on how to pick up your prize.

Tell us how The Future Awards has changed your life!

Every day we get stories of young people who have been motivated or inspired by The Future Project/The Future Awards. Those stories encourage us, and we want to hear more! So if The Future Awards or any of our projects or winners have renewed your faith in Nigeria , inspired you to finish or start a p[project or business or idea, helped you practically in any way etc, we want to get your story, and if you want we put it on the website! But mostly we want to know those whose lives have changed! Send us a mail right away at or or call our Communications Coordinator on 08022226712. It doesn’t have to be well written or long – just tell it the way you feel it!

50 IVs up for grabs!

Following the repeated enquiries from members of the public, the organisers of The Future Awards have announced that 50 of its invitations will go on sale from Monday, 25 January 2009.

“Of course, our event is strictly by invitation and the guests are not required to pay for the invitations. However, based on phone calls and emails received, we recognise that there might be certain people who really, really want to attend, and who might not have been on our guest list. This gives them an opportunity to be part of this.”

Only 50 of the invitations will be on sale and they go for N10, 000. To get one of them, call Eyitayo on 080-2222-6712.

This opportunity closes on Wednesday, 3 February. Call now!

We need your help!

We need you to help us spread the word! Help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter for people to join the movement on So help us plug the conference info on your Facebook and Twitter updates for at least a week. Don’t forget to also add #irepresentnaija. You could have a general message like: “The Future Pre-Awards conference is on the 6th of February! Pat Utomi, Abike Dabiri, Ben Bruce and others speaking! Visit to get all the latest info,” and please get your friends to join the group The Future Project! Just add 5 friends to the group and we’ll be fine! Spread the word also through your blogs, websites, and forums.

Get branded “I represent Naija” tshirts and blazers!

Have you seen the coolest young people ROCKING them??! Our ‘I represent Naija’ tees and stickers have sold widely across Nigeria . There are branded ‘I represent Naija’, ‘I represent Nigeria ’ and ‘I am the future’. We also have the new t-shirts from Ouch! You can also get the customized blazers that are beeeeaaauuuutiful. All these can be delivered to you at home or work for a small extra cost. Just call our Communications Coordinator on 08022226712 NOW or send a mail to!

Catch us on radio and TV!

You would agree that we are officially the event with the most mainstream media partners, and we have enveloped locked down!

Our promos can be seen on these partners as well as on our other major partners: STV, HiSoccer, HiNolly, Nigezie, Channels TV, TVC, Moments with Mo (NTA Network), Views & Tunes and Excite TV. The radio promos are on Rhythm Fm, Inspiration FM, Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Beat FM, Kiss FM and Hot FM. Other media partners include NEXT, Encomium, Genevieve, BusinessDay, Ovation, TW,,,, Exquisite, The Applause, and Acada!

Become a project partner!

If you belong to any fellowship, club, association, youth church or youth religious group, campus group or any other gathering of young people and you want us to come talk about The Future Awards or you want to partner with us in any way, please send a mail tagged ‘Partner’ to or or just call our Communications Coordinator on 08022226712.

Join our database – give us feedback!

In our quest to build a network of young Nigerians who have a burning desire to bring about change to our great nation, we would love you to continually send us comments/advice on how to push this cause a step further. We would definitely get back to you. Join our database, give us your feedback!

What went down!

Our site is Top 200!

Our website, which has always been one of the top Nigerian websites for young people, has become one of the top 200 sites in the country! It’s just amazing! What’s even more impressive is that – it is one Nigerian website with more than 85% of the hits coming from within Nigeria; so tell us those people who said Nigerians in Nigeria are not passion interested in the future of this country? With amazing presence on Twitter and Facebook, this is without doubt the number one youth platform in the country – no other platform comes even close!

The ‘I Represent Naija Creed’!

Since we unveiled the ‘I represent Naija creed’; encapsulating some of the key values of the new Nigerian in simple terms, the public acceptance has been wonderful.


* I will not steal government money!

* I will not collect a bribe!

* I will not cover up fraud!

* I am not corrupt!

* I love my country!

* I truly believe Nigeria can work!

* I will do my bit to make change happen!

* I will vote in election!

* I am the future!

* I represent Nigeria !

You can find it on the website and download it from the RedSTRAT profile as a screen saver or anything else, but even better, all of those at the conference and the awards get a physical copy free! You’ll love it!

Aspire Centre

In its 3rd year running, the Aspire Viewing Centre, an initiative prompted by our board member and vice president of the World Bank, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, is a project where we get students from secondary schools to come and witness the Awards at the venue but from a different viewing room. This year, the Aspire Centre is stepping up its game as we would be getting 3 schools from each local government in Lagos .

In addition to celebrities coming in from time to talk to the students, and then joining them on the red carpet, there will be the formation of the student’s house of assembly; where the students would have the opportunity of discussing the causes and possible solutions to the percentage of students’ failure in the 2009 WAEC examination. This way, The Future Awards continued to complement key areas of our society, especially education.

Judging draws to an end!

It is a week to the Awards and we are down to the final stage of judging where a list of the select 3 nominees per category having been decided upon by the Independent Audit Committee and by the board of judges deciding the winner. But of course, no one will know until Sunday, the 7th of February.

Unveiling the hosts and the headliner!

Yes!!!! The faces of those who would anchor this Year’s The Future Awards have been unveiled and they are multiple award winning artiste, Naeto C, who will be in the country just for awards, and Munachi Abi, rapper and former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria . The show is also headlined by … wait for it…. Asa!!!! The event is strictly by invitation and holds on Sunday, 7 February at the Muson Centre. The Keynote Speaker is still Managing Director of the World Bank, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. This will be BANGING!

Get your Green on (GUGO)!

If you thought the get your green on campaign ended with the Fashion show at the nominees reception, then you are wrong, the GUGO project is here to stay and this time, as we celebrate a rush of green at the Awards, those who get an invite to attend the event have an opportunity to have their clothes and accessories done at any of our style partners for a 20% discount. Our GUGO partners are Ouch!, Clothsense, Iconola, Mai Clothing, House of Nwocha, TAE, Tesslo Concepts, Hakbal Exclusives, Xquizit Clothing, Blacknight, West and Couture, Ella Brown Couture, xclamations, Clemas, Virtuoso, Habana, Connoisseur, Livina Accessories, House of Tara, Kashogy Consult and Faces Makeover.

Thank you very much for connecting with this vision to inspire and empower a new generation of Nigerian leaders. You can get any information on any of the above, including plenty of pictures, on

For any enquiry, information or anything else, send us a mail on or and we’ll get right back at ya!

Compliments of:

The Future Project , Nigeria

Aspire. Strive. Achieve


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